Moss Masterpiece

Care free, long lasting designs.

To complete the Moss Masterpiece you will need:

Moss Masterpiece Kit
Hot glue gun / glue stick

Step One:

  • Disassemble your kit and preheat glue gun.
  • Locate the top of your moss frame.
    • You will need to know where this is when designing your frame
  • Protect your hands and work area, as dye from the moss may bleed

Step Two:

  • Begin with your sheet moss.
  • Apply glue to the brown side and attach to your frame.
  • Make sure to rip your sheet moss into different pieces and shapes
  • Be creative when applying them to the frame

Step Three:

  • Time to attach the mushrooms.
  • Can use as a single piece or break in half to make two.
  • Attach in any orientation desired
    • Generally attached to make a little “shelf” when on wall

Step Four:

  • Fill in the rest of the frame with reindeer moss.
  • This time apply glue to the back of the frame before attaching
    • Be careful! Hot glue can seep through the moss
  • Use your creativity to apply moss to the frame. There is no wrong way.

Step Five:

  • Attach the ferns to your frame
  • Use your creativity to place them.

Complete! Hang on your wall and enjoy!

Moss products are real natural mosses that have been dyed and preserved. They require no care after your piece is completed. Do not hang in direct sunlight as this will cause colours to fade.