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Movember supports a number of causes including Mens Mental health and suicide prevention, Prostate Cancer & Testicular Cancer. Movember has been supporting Mens health since 2003 when it all started in Australia. Read more here.

Meet the Fellas!

We’re so proud of all of our participants! We are excited to be a part of Movember this year and we encourage you to consider donating to a teammate or the team as a whole. All donations are taken online, just follow any of the donate buttons on this page!

ShavedWeek 4
Dexter Lautenbach

Age 30

Just happy to be here.

ShavedWeek 4
Byron Dodd

Age 37

Salt & Pepper King.

ShavedWeek 4
Earl Lautenbach

Age 57

Hasn’t had a stache since the 70s.

ShavedWeek 4
Adam Prentice

Age 38

The man with the plan.

ShavedWeek 4
Elijah Finlay

Age 25

Arguably the moustache man.

ShavedWeek 4
Len Grossi

Age 69

Has had a moustache for some 5o years!

ShavedWeek 4
Carl Scott

Age 56

Movember veteran.

ShavedWeek 4
Brandon Vellekoop

Age 25

Hates having a shaved face.

ShavedWeek 4
Dan Fintelman

Age 28

Took some convincing to join.

ShavedWeek 4
Joe Goodman

Age 58

Always down to support the cause.

ShavedWeek 4
Josh Wood

Age 19

Hopes to grow something.

ShavedWeek 4
Drew Vandekamp

Age ??

Confident, stylish, it’s Drew!

Evan Rhodes

Age 23

It’s Evan!!

Alex Lautenbach

Age 24