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Tangerine Dream


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Tangerine is the theme and this arrangement is the dream! The color orange is perfectly showcased with all its different hues. Locally grown cymbidium orchids and freesia, peach roses, hypericum berries, dianthus and orange pincushions are hand designed among a bed of milky way aspidistra. This European arrangement is designed in a 6x6x6” glass container and its playful loops of curly willow branches add the final touches.

Out of stock

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One of the pieces the Watering Can is famous for, the European Arrangement or “Euro” is a wonderful compact pop of floral colour in a fashion that isn’t often explored. A more stylized contemporary option, this is for the funky or stylish in your life. With a wide variety of shapes, sizes and flowers, almost anything can be designed into a Euro. Order the Euro that matches your taste today for local delivery throughout the Niagara Region, or pickup in Vineland or St. Catharines.
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