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Summer Urn Club is here! The first Summer urn liners for the urn club members are available. Final pick up or delivery will take place by May 29, 2021.
Urn Club

Urn Club

Urn Club

As an Urn Club member, your home will never be without fresh outdoor flowers or plants.

Urn Club members will choose 4 stunning outdoor seasonal planters to drop into their favourite urn four times a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Urn club members get exclusive access to our members-only area where you can browse for the perfect insert to match your home. Your annual, four season membership will begin in the season you pickup your first outdoor urn insert.

How do I join?

Are you Urn Less? Don’t worry, if you don’t have your own urn, you can still join the Urn Club. We have a variety of outdoor urns for sale in-store.

Size * 

Please select your Urn Club size

Basic – Opening:  12.0″, Height:  8.0″, Base:  8.0″
Premium – Opening:  15.5″, Height:  12.5″, Base:  13.0″

Recipient First Name * 

Please enter the name of the recipient who is receiving the urn club.

Recipient Last Name * 

Please enter the name of the recipient who is receiving the urn club.

Recipient Phone Number * 

Please enter the phone number of the recipient who is receiving the urn club.

Recipient Email * 

Please enter the email of the recipient for the urn club. This will be the primary form of communication between us and the recipient.


Not sure what planter package is right for your urn?

Measure the mouth and the depth of your planter using a measuring stick. Also take into consideration the tapering of your home urn. You may require a smaller planter size than you originally thought.


The Urn Club starts on the day you receive your first urn, and it must be completed within the year.

Your urns must be picked up during your specified dates. If necessary, arrangements can be made for alternate times. (You can request an email reminder).

No doubling of seasons. One urn per season, per program purchased.

The Urn Club is only available at our Vineland Location.

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