Workshop FAQs

Have a question about our Workshops?

We’ve gone through some crazy times, and we’ve all had to make plenty of changes. Please take some time to read through these FAQs to get a better understanding of our setup for 2021. Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Send us an email at and we’ll be glad to answer any questions.

All our workshops are located at 3711 King Street in Vineland at the Vineland Watering Can location. The workshops are hosted in the hoop houses situated behind the main building, unless stated otherwise.

No, we love you just the way you are! Our workshops are designed so that everyone takes home a stunning arrangement. We only ask for you to come with a fun adventurous attitude.

Tickets are sold by table size. The table size purchased is the total number of guests allowed to attend at your table.

We need to know table size so we can properly distance everyone.

Table sizes are sold for individual seating and upwards. Simply add up the number of guests who will be attending.

E.g. I have 8 guests attending. Check for table sizes that add up to your number of guests in any combination.

Combinations can be as follows. (4 tables of 2 =8), (2 tables of 4=8), ( 2 tables of 1, table of 2, table of 4=8), etc.

Enter identical names on all tables. We will know you need to be seated at one table.

If you are unable to purchase for the correct number combinations for your guests and have an additional spot that you will not be needing, you will be required to purchase the whole table for that particular workshop.

E.g. I only need a table for three but a table of 4 is available. You will be required to purchase the table for 4.

The Watering Can adheres to all ministry guidelines. Ex. masks, group size, social distancing, etc. Changes might happen according to the law.

Workshops are non-refundable. However, your seat is transferable. If you are unable to attend, you can receive the finished product or take home a kit.

Let’s hope not………. We will be offering workshop kits with full instructions, or you can receive a store credit or full refund.

All workshops must start on time; we need enough time for sanitization. If you are late, we will do our best to catch you up.

Yes, we have a minimum placement of 6 to 10 feet between tables and chairs.

The additional project can be purchased the day of the workshop.

Under no circumstances are you able to move chairs, tables or seats… please register accordingly.

No. Anyone assisting someone with special needs does not pay. Please call us at 905-562-0088 to register as we need to seat you accordingly.

No babies, kids or guests are allowed. Everyone at your table must be a paying guest regardless of age.

All tools and materials will be provided. Clippers, staplers etc. will be sanitized after each use.

We suggest relaxed and layered clothing to ensure a comfortable experience.

Typically, the average length is approximately 1 ½ hours.

Yes, there is a waiting list! The list is first come, first serve. We will contact you if a space becomes available. Just add your name to the wait list on the workshop you would like to attend.